Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Homeschool Supplements: Videos for Biblical History

Homeschool Supplements: Videos for Biblical History

I am studying World History and Bible this year. One thing I have noticed is a huge lack of material online for biblical history. There is only so much I can read from a textbook before the words start running together. I benefit from videos because I am a visual learner. I hope others can use these links to supplement their studies as well!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

FREE Printable Gradebook: NotGrass Exploring World History (2008 Version)

         I posted an overview, on NotGrass' Exploring World History, in the beginning of October. I am very happy with this curriculum, but I have not been able to find gradebooks anywhere online! The NotGrass website has a supplement page for the course, but it is only for the 2014 edition. This supplement page includes a gradebook, but it differs from my 2008 version. So I created my own!

         Here is my grade-book for NotGrass' Exploring World History 2008 Edition. Each tab at the bottom contains a quarter. Quizzes are worth 10 points, because they have 10 questions. Exams have 50 questions so they are counted as 50 points, and I counted writing assignments as participation grades of 5 points. You can make any changes you like, and save it as a PDF to print it. Or simply leave it as is, and the spreadsheet will automatically count up your grades as you add them in. You final grade will be shown at the bottom of the column "Score."