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Homeschool Supplements: Videos for Biblical History

Homeschool Supplements: Videos for Biblical History

I am studying World History and Bible this year. One thing I have noticed is a huge lack of material online for biblical history. There is only so much I can read from a textbook before the words start running together. I benefit from videos because I am a visual learner. I hope others can use these links to supplement their studies as well!

The Story: Teen Edition

A series of 3-4 minute films narrating while artist Mark Novelli draws or paints on screen. You can look at the full accompanying curriculum from Youth Ministries. I found these clips especially helpful. 

Chapter 1: Creation to the Flood (3:08)
Chapter 2: God Builds a Nation (3:26)
Chapter 3: Joseph from Slave to Deputy Pharaoh
Chapter 4: Deliverance (4:06)
Chapter 5: New Commands and a New Covenant (2:44)
Chapter 6: Wandering (3:03)
Chapter 7: The Battle Begins (2:09)
Chapter 8: A Few Good (3:20)
Chapter 9: The Faith of a Foreign (2:28)
Chapter 10: Standing Tall (3:03)
Chapter 11: Saul & David (3:56)
Chapter 12: Trials of a King (4:05)
Chapter 13: The King Who Had it All (2:56)
Chapter 14: A Kingdom Torn in Two (3:20)
Chapter 15: God's Messengers (3:40)
Chapter 16: The Beginning of the End (2:15)
Chapter 17: The Kingdoms Fall (2:59)
Chapter 18: Daniel in Exile (3:23)
Chapter 19: The Return Home (2:21)
Chapter 20: The Queen of Beauty and Courage (3:43)
Chapter 21: Rebuilding the Walls (2:17)
Chapter 22: The Birth of a King (3:41)
Chapter 23: The Beginning of Jesus Ministry (3:01)
Chapter 24: No Ordinary Man (2:48)
Chapter 25: Jesus the Son of God (3:05)
Chapter 26: The Hour of Darkness (2:57)
Chapter 27: Resurrection (2:34)
Chapter 28: New Beginnings (3:22)
Chapter 29: Paul's Mission (2:15)
Chapter 30: Paul's Final Days (2:29)
Chapter 31: The End of Time (2:29)

Testament: Bible in Animation

Testament: Bible in Animation is a 1996 animated series. It ran for two seasons in the UK, won an Emmy with three nominations. Here are the episodes listed in order.

The Bible Project

The Bible Project creates video narratives for the Bible. They create videos book-by-book and theme-by-theme. They are creating new videos all the time. Videos and corresponding teaching guides can be downloaded on their website.

God's Story

Crossroads Kids Club have a video series called God's Story. It is for younger audiences but I found them useful as well. They don't seem to have a particular order so I will just link them from oldest to newest.

God's Story: The Armor of God (3:44)
God's Story: Mary and Martha (3:09)
God's Story: God's Story (5:05)
God's Story: Preparing for Jesus (3:58)
God's Story: Passover (4:02)
God's Story: Esther (4:44)
God's Story: Nehemiah (4:29)
God's Story: Peter Fishes for Men (2:21)
God's Story: Peter Walks on Water (2:46)
God's Story: Peter Denies Jesus (2:52)
God's Story: Peter Preaches (2:29)
God's Story: The Prophets (3:47)
God's Story: Peter and the Other Believers (2:36)
God's Story: Peter (4:10)
God's Story: Joshua Takes Jericho (3:36)
God's Story: Generosity (3:59)

Bible Cartoons by Rene Pfitzner

Rene Pfitzner is a former animator at Walt Disney Australia. She creates children's learning resources. Here is her Bible Cartoons playlist on YouTube. She currently has 13 Biblical cartoons but they are each incredibly useful and insightful!

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