Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Apologia Physical Science (Ed. 2) - Module 1: The Basics

Here I have included videos, interactives, games and other websites to supplement Apologia's physical science course. Note: I am using the CD-ROM course and not the textbook. I have posted the list in chronological order of the lessons on the CD.

Atoms and Molecules 2:

Experiment 1.1 Atoms & Molecules If you cannot complete Experiment 1.1, watch this video!

Atoms Around Us [Chem4Kids] Read this webpage for an overview on atoms and how they relate to molecules and elements. Click the links on the right hand side, for more information on atoms' structure, orbitals, electrons, ions, neutrons, isotopes, bonding, compounds and more.

Atoms and Molecules 3:

How Can You See an Atom? [American Chemical Society] This video explains how we can view atoms and speaks about scanning tunneling electron microscopes.

Measurement and Units:

Units of Measurement [Scholastic Study Jams] Some students may feel like this video is below their level of learning, but it personally helped me understand the relationship between customary and metric units.

Brief History of Measurement [PDF written by David A. Katz from Chymist.com] Useful PDF including a brief history of measurement, the SI System and English-SI conversion factors.

Manipulating Units: 

Review of the metric system (and how to convert)

Converting Between Units: 

Factor Label Method

Converting Between Systems:

British and Metric Conversions [Annenberg Learner] This interactive explains conversions between Metric units, English/Customary units, and converting between both systems.

Concentration 2: 

If you do not have the chance to complete Experiment 1.3, watch both parts of the experiment below.

Experiment 1.3 part 1

Experiment 1.3 part 2

I hope some of these videos and websites help you with your studies. Adding supplements to your curriculum will deepen your understanding and knowledge of the topic!

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