Tuesday, February 16, 2016

8 Free Physical Science Resources

In my years of homeschooling, I have sifted through many sites and links during independent study. The links I have listed below offer the best content for physical science with absolutely no cost. These are sites I trust and recommend for physical science revision and study!

Khan Academy | Physics Non-profit with no distracting ads or subscriptions. Khan Academy was created in 2006 by Salmon Khan to offer "a free, word-class education to anyone, anywhere." Offers videos and quizzes for a large range of subjects including physics, chemistry, algebra and more.

The Physics Classroom Created by Tom Henderson, a physics and chemistry teacher, in 1996. He created the Physics Classroom for  physics teachers and students. Includes lessons and interactives for a variety of topics.
Ron Kurtus' School for Champions
Ron Kurtus' website School for Champions was founded in 2000 "not only to help educate people, but also to encourage them to help others." All courses and lessons are free. 

Cyberphysics Another free physics revision site created by a teacher in 2009. Aimed at GCSE and A level students. 

S-cool | The Revision Website | Physics
Aimed towards GCSE and A level students but offers free revision guides and resources to anyone. It is recommended to create an account to track progress.

An online database on physics resources, Physics.org is, "your guide to physics on the web."

PhET: Interactive Simulations Founded by Carl Wieman, PhET interactive simulations offers free simulations for science and mathematics. Simulations are written in HTML 5, Java and Flash, meaning they can be ran in your browser or downloaded to your computer. PhET Interactives' goal is to "to help students engage in science and mathematics through inquiry."

BBC GCSE Bitesize 
Revision BBC has offered a great revision site for many subjects since 1998. They have recently updated their website and archived old material. You can access archived material here

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