Friday, March 4, 2016

Apologia Physical Science (Ed. 2) - Module 3: The Atmosphere

Here I have included videos, interactives, games and other websites to supplement Apologia's physical science course. Note: I am using the CD-ROM course and not the textbook. I have posted the list in chronological order of the lessons on the CD.


Atmospheric Pressure:

Experiment 3.1:
You can stop watching at 4min 34sec.

Atmospheric Pressure 2: 

The Layers of Earth's Atmosphere:

The Atmosphere Introduction [National Weather Service] This page covers the composition of the atmosphere.

Layers of the Atmosphere [National Weather Service] Read about the layers of the atmosphere.

The Homosphere:

Layers of the Atmosphere [CALIPSO Outreach] Interactive test on where different things belong in the homosphere.

Vertical Structure of the Atmosphere [NOVA PBS] Interactive on the homosphere. Useful information included. 

Experiment 3.2:

Temperature 2: 

The Temperature Gradient in the Homosphere: 

Layers of the Earth's Atmosphere [Windows to the Universe] Make sure to view all the images under "Related Links." 

The "Hole" in the Ozone Layer:
Refer to my last post for Module 2: Air. It covered ozone and has links on the topic.

The Heterosphere: 

Layers of the Earth's Atmosphere [Windows to the Universe] Click the links in the paragraph for thermosphere and exosphere. 

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