Monday, March 7, 2016

Apologia Physical Science (Ed. 2) - Module 4: The Wonder of Water

Here I have included videos, interactives, games and other websites to supplement Apologia's physical science course. Note: I am using the CD-ROM course and not the textbook. I have posted the list in chronological order of the lessons on the CD.

The Composition of Water:

Electrolysis [schoolphysics] This goes a little deeper than what we are learning, but it offers good info on the topic. 

Experiment 4.1: 

The Composition of Water 2:

Types of Experimental Errors [New Mexico State University]

Chemical Formalas:

Chemical Formulas [School for Champions]

Water's Polarity:

Experiment 4.2:

Water's Polarity 2:

Polar and Non-Polar Molecules [School for Champions] Webpage explaining polar and non-polar molecules. 

Polarity and Attractive Strength [The Concord Consortium] Play around with varying levels of polarity in molecules. Observe how they interact with each other.

Water as a Solvent: 

You may stop watching at 8min 54sec. It covers more topics not included in this course.

Water, the Universal Solvent [USGS Water Science School] Great info!

Experiment 4.3: 

Water as a Solvent 2:

Oil and Water [The Concord Consortium] Interactive on polar and non-polar substances interacting.

Ionic Bonding Interactive explaining ionic, covalent and hydrogen bonds. Click through each part of the interactive, because the next lesson covers hydrogen bonding.

Hydrogen Bonding in Water:

Water Molecules - part 2 [Canadian Museum of Nature] 

Experiment 4.4:

Hydrogen Bonding in Water 2:

Properties of Water Interactive on properties of water. Click through and read. It covers  a few topics we will cover soon in this module. 

Water's Cohesion: 

Adhesion and Cohesion [USGS Water Science School]
Water: To stick or not to stick

Experiment 4.5:

Water's Cohesion: 

Surface Tension [USGS Water Science School]
What causes surface tension? Click through interactive on surface tension.

Experiment 4.6:

I was not able to find a video for Experiment 4.6, but here is a video of water droplets on wax paper. It shows the same concept from the experiment.

water on wax paper #1

Water's Cohesion 3:

What are some properties of water? [McGraw Hill] Great interactive lab on the properties of water! Covers many topics we learned in this module.

Hard Water and Soft Water:

Hardness in water [USGS Water Science School]
Kinetico - How a Water Softener Works

As a Review, I would suggest watching this video as a review for what we learned in Module 4. It may go deeper into the subjects we covered this module, but do not worry. You will know more than enough to pass the Module Test!

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