Thursday, March 24, 2016

Apologia Physical Science (Ed. 2) - Module 7: Factors That Affect Earth's Weather

Here I have included videos, interactives, games and other websites to supplement Apologia's physical science course. Note: I am using the CD-ROM course and not the textbook. I have posted the list in chronological order of the lessons on the CD. 


Weather & Climate [StudyJams] Some students may find this below their learning level, but it explains the relationship between weather and climate. It also includes a 7 question quiz.

Factors That Influence Weather:
factors affecting weather [Discovery Education]

Clouds [Professor Steven Dutch at the University of Wisconsin]

Experiment 7.1:
Weather Underground Enter your location and access weather data for your data table in Experiment 7.1. 

Cloud ID Chart [NASA] Use this PDF to help you identify clouds!

Earth's Thermal Energy:

Perihelion and Aphelion [Windows to the Universe] Animation and page on Earth's perihelion and aphelion.

About Our Seasons [Lunar and Planetary Institute]

Latitude and Longitude:
Latitude and Longitude Interactive for logging coordinates.

Uneven Thermal Energy Distribution: 

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