Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Apologia Physical Science (Ed. 2) - Module 9: An Introduction to the Physics of Motion

Here I have included videos, interactives, games and other websites to supplement Apologia's physical science course. Note: I am using the CD-ROM course and not the textbook. I have posted the list in chronological order of the lessons on the CD.


Mechanics - The Study of Motion, Forces and Energy:

Speed: How Quickly Motion Occurs:

Velocity: Speed and Direction:
Scalars and Vectors [NASA] - Very helpful picture included to show the difference between scalar and vector quantities. Skim through the paragraphs below, but it is a little over what you will learn this module. 

Velocity: Speed and Direction 2:
Sahm I Am! - Experiment 9.1 This is a blog-post from Sahm I Am! Her post includes useful photos and descriptions of their experiment, along with an awesome explanation of what they learned! I wanted to share her great post. 

Acceleration: The Rate of Change in Velocity:

The Acceleration Due to Gravity:

Experiment 9.2:

Hammer vs Feather - Physics on the Moon [NASA - Galileo and Apollo 15] This video features the experiment the previous video speaks briefly about.

The Acceleration Due to Gravity 2:

Introduction to Free-Fall and the Acceleration due to Gravity This video is a little long (12:11) but it is a great explanation.

Experiment 9.3:

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