Monday, June 26, 2017

Homeschool HS: Free Health Course

Georgia Department of Education offers shared content online. They are fabulous resources for any homeschool or public school student. This content is available and free to everyone! Here is the link to the 9-12 grade high school courses.

This is my schedule for utilizing GaDOE's Health course. Here is the link to their course. There are 7 units: Mental Health, Safety and First Aid, Nutrition, Diseases and Disease Prevention, Substance Abuse, Family Health, and Review and Final Project. I scheduled the course over 18 weeks (about one semester). I am considering the course a 1/2 credit.

A Few Notes:

  1. If you use a gradebook, the assignments and projects have a grading system. I am personally not grading them, but instead counting them as participation grades.
  2. The course does not supply unit/module tests or a cumulative exam.
  3. We are using the course for homeschool purposes, so please disregard the instructions for Dropbox and talking to your teacher.
  4. You can listen to each page of the course! Located on the right hand sidebar of each page, you can click, "Listen to the page," to hear it read aloud.
  5. Parents and teachers, please review the material in this course. If you are uncomfortable with any material, you most certainly can leave it out of your student's curriculum. 
Suggested Supplies:
  • Computer with internet connection - to access the online course and links
  • Adobe Flash - to use videos, games, and online activities
  • Microsoft Word or Open Office - for assignments
  • PowerPoint and/or Google Drive - one project requires PowerPoint. If you do not have PowerPoint, Google Drive allows you to use their free version called "Google Slides."
  • Notebook - for writing notes and answering questions